Więcej Warzyw Jedz (Eat more vegetables)
What did Backstreet Boys sing about in the cult song from the nineties? We figured it out. It's not ”Everybody” but ”more vegetables”. Our spot has won as many plays as probably no sauces advertising before, people demanded the full version of the song, and apparently some sing ”more vegetables” in the shower or even with their mouth full.
2012 Team:
Executive Creative Director - Przemek Bogdanowicz
Senior Copywriter - Michał Kubik
Senior Art Director - Łukasz Stachniak
Account Director - Joanna Juszczak
Production Team:
Production House - Maspex
Producers - Lucyna Pietraszko, Patrycja Maleszewska-Wawszczyk
Director - Andiamo
DOP - Mateusz Dziekoński
Postproduction - XantusSound Studio – Beat Shop
Music arrengment - Marek Domański, Beat Shop
Original music: Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Composer - Martin Sandberg/ Pop Denniz

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