Wielka Zwrotka Ż
Environmental issues are becoming more and more important for today's consumers, especially young ones. However, consumer attitudes do not always translate into actions. 
We knew that poles do not return returnable beer bottles as they associated it with the stigma of homelessness and alcohol problems and we knew that Żywiec the most iconic beer brand on the polish market has to do something about that. We’ve created “Wielka Zwrotka Ż” a nationwide campaign that turned a shameful act into an environmental manifesto, using the iconic Żywiec beer bottle and the brand's musical DNA.

Żywiec - Cho na Ż 2023
2012 Team:
Executive Creative Director - Maciek Marasek
Art Director - Ada Hochmańska
Copywriter - Kaja Dobrzańska
Senior Account Manager - Monika Domagała-Szmidt
Production Team:
Production House - Sputnik
Producers -Majki
Director - Szymon Pawlik
DOP – Kajetan Plis
Postproduction - Rio de Post
realization in cooperation with VMLY&R

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