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Technology does not exist without people.
vivo is the new phone brand in Poland. Brand comes from advanced technology but a human being is always in the very centre of attention. In v21 we are even closer to the people and we allow them to show up in more genuine manner. 
It is possible through changing selfie perspective, which is no selfish anymore ;)
Whole campaign will be based on the variety of face to face contact interpretations as well as all various context of facing passion, people and emotions
2012 Team:
Executive Creative Director - Przemek Bogdanowicz
Creative Director, copywriting - Marcin Pucyk
Senior Art Director - Kamil Kotarba
Client service - Krzysiek Kiełpiński, Paulina Mońko

Production Team:
Production House - Film Produkcja
Producers - Jarek Frontczak, Anna Łyszczarz , Ania Rundsztuk,
Karol Brzeziński, Marta Chmielewska, Paweł Bożyczko, Agata Basista
Director - Kuba Michalczuk
DOP - Michał Englert1st AD: Bartek Kowalski
Scenography: Marta Krzemińska / Point Of You
Costumes: Magdalena Jagnicka
MUA: Alicja Kutkowska
Music: Łukasz Targosz / NAU music agency
Visual post-production: Human Ark
Sound post-production: GŁOŚNO

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