Po stronie rozrywki (on the side of fun)
Everyone has two sides of their personalities, one that is restrained by everyday obligations and conforms to social expectations, and the fun one that we can only reveal when we are relaxed with our friends. We explored this universal human truth in this lighthearted Warka campaign, that played on the tension between different aspects of each personality. Because it’s only on Planet Warka where this playful side of you can roam freely.
Warka - Marek 2022
Warka - Majka 2019 
Warka - Anka 2022
2012 Team:
Creative Director - Maciek Marasek
Senior Art Director - Paweł Mazurkiewicz
Senior Copywriter - Sławomir Klimkowski
Concept - Marcin Bondar, Bartek Czober,
Paweł Mazurkiewicz, Sławomir Klimkowski
Account Director - Krzysiek Kiełpiński
Senior Account Manager - Mirek Tyszkiewicz
Agency Producer - Roland Lewiński
Production Team:
Production House - Opus Film
Producer - Jarek Parzyjagła, Michał Cichomski
Director - Tadeusz Śliwa
DOP - Marek Sanak
Postproduction House - Rio de Post
Post-production supervisor - Jakub Bos

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