Warka Planet of Gamers
We are helping Warka own gaming on the Polish market. Together with our Client and other partners, we have co-created a proprietary gaming tournament that puts fun and bonding in the first place, called Warka Planet of Gamers Cup. We brought hundred thousand people in front of the screens to watch our streams, reached top of mind among branded gaming activities and gained a bunch of awards, such as Effies and MIXX Awards.
2012 Team:
Senior Supervising Creative - Paweł Mazurkiewicz
Senior Supervising Creative - Sławomir Klimkowski
Account Director - Krzysiek Kiełpiński
Senior Account Manager - Mirek Tyszkiewicz, Adam Retmaniak
Agency Producer - Roland Lewiński
Production Team:
Production House: Graffiti Films
Producer: Klau Ptaszyńska
Director: Arek Nowakowski (2021)
Diirector: Michał Miśiński (2022, 2023)
Photography: Paweł Fabjański (2021)
Photography: Wojtek Woźniak (2022, 2023)
Post-production: ORKA (2022, 2023)
Logo design: Akuma 101
Trophy design: Jarek Polowiec
SoMe Animations: Paweł Mazurkiewicz, Arek Nowakowski

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